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CONDITIONS OF SERVICE. Our service is free to you . The apartment   you rent from will pay our commission from their advertising budget. We work on commission only. Please be sure and let the apartments know on the RENTAL APPLICATION that APARTMENT P.I. referred you to their property be sure to include your AGENTS FULL NAME once you lease an apartment PLEASE CALL OR E-MAIL THE AGENT WHO WAS HELPING YOU and let them know where you leased. The apartment communities will not notify us when you lease..

We want to provide the best service possible for you. If you have any questions or comments please give us a call. We are here to assist you.

AVAILABILITY-- Apartments require a 30 day notice to vacate. They usually know what will be available 30-45 days in advance. Vacancies fluctuate daily, availability is researched and verified a day or so before you look at  potential units. We can check availability for you 30-45 days in advance, but we can not verify availability over 45 days.

MOVE IN SPECIALS--Your apartment locator has information on current move in specials and discounts.

UTILITIES-- You are responsible for your own electric, phone and cable. Some apartment communities require  you pay your own water. But, it is inexpensive. A few apartments may offer free basic cable. Apartment communities usually have a master TV antenna.

APPLIANCES--Stove, dishwasher, disposal, refrigerators, air conditioning, and heat are standard features and some have microwaves. Washer and dryer connections and Washer and Dryer furnished vary. Most apartments can supply information on washer and dryer rental.

FURNISHINGS--The apartments are unfurnished, your apartment locator can provide information on furniture rental.

CORPORATE--Corporate apartments are fully furnished and include Houseware packages, utilities and local phone service. Month-to month leases are available. One bedrooms can start at $1200.00 Two bedrooms at $1600.00. Your apartment locator has information on corporate leases.

APPLICATION- Once you find a place where you want to live you, will be required to fill out a rental application. In most cases, you will be charged an application fee to cover the cost of running credit checks and verifying rental history. Apartment communities charge $20-$30 per person to process an application. Most require that your monthly salary be at least 3 times the monthly rent. Applications can take from 1-7 days to be approved.

DEPOSIT--Deposits are usually $100-$150 for a one bedroom, $200-300 for a two bedroom and $200-$500 for a 3 bedroom. Look for security deposit refund restrictions.

PETS & PET DEPOSITS--Most apartment communities will accept dogs and cats under 20lbs with a $200-$300 average deposit. A few may charge pet rent of $10-$25. A few apartments will accept large dogs and may have restrictions on aggressive breeds.Deposits for dogs over $30lbs can range from $300-$1000. Make sure you know what portion of your pet deposit is non-refundable.

LEASE TERMS--6-13 month leases are the norm, a few may offer a 3 month lease with an additional cost of $50-$250 per month extra. Month to month leases are only available with corporate apartments..

AVOIDING PROBLEMS - Problems between residents and rental housing owners or managers occur because of misunderstandings about the obligations taken on by each party when an apartment or other rental housing is leased. The best ways to avoid problems are to:

Read your lease carefully before signing.

Ask questions about anything that is unclear.

Put everything in writing, including agreements, notices and requests.


  • Check to see how much advance notice you must give before moving at the end of your lease term. A 30-day written notice is normal when rent is paid monthly. Look for security deposit refund restrictions.
  • Look for your rental housing owner’s obligation to make needed repairs. A requirement for diligence is common.
  • Be sure to read any cleaning instructions. Cleaning costs usually can be deducted from your security deposit if you fail to follow instructions.
  • Check on prohibitions against subletting or keeping animals. Written permission is usually required. Also, there is usually an extra deposit for animals.
  • Ask the manager to write in and initial any oral agreements or changes in the lease that are agreed to by you and the owner’s representative.

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